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History Yet to Be Written
44 min


With Art's help, Sarah, Mrs. S and Felix are able to hide the Castor and Leda original, Mrs. S' own mother Kendall Malone, although she is somewhat of a hostile participant in the matter. Mrs. S is blunt that she has no hesitation in killing her mother if Castor even gets close to finding out their hideout, both Castor and Topside who they know will soon find out where they are hiding. Coady's approach in finding the Castor original is to go after the one sister who is out in the open, namely Alison who, along with Donnie, is in the midst of the school trustee election. As Helena can't be included in the public aspects of election day, Donnie has what he believes is the ultimate gift for Helena to keep her preoccupied. With Topside, Delphine believes she has a deal that will satisfy Ferdinand and Topside's needs in the Leda project. With all these pieces, Rachel becomes an increasingly important player. And Shay may not be able to forgive Cosima for what Delphine did, both understanding that she was not totally forthright with Cosima, and knowing that Cosima too has many skeletons in her closet.

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