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After Brian gets engaged, his single friends, Matt and Ed, are ready to throw a bachelor party. Not before the wedding, mind you, but the day AFTER he gets engaged. Meanwhile, Steve, the only married guy in the bunch, wants to have the gang over to his place to celebrate the fact his friend is settling down, helping him in the process by being another married man in the group. Steve's idea of spending the night drinking and hanging out at his place is immediately shot down by the ladies' man Ed and the wannabe ladies' man and porn enthusiast Matt. The two single guys are ready to party NOW and that means hitting the bars. Steve and Brian were thinking of just catching up over a few beers while watching the game. Ed and Matt are ready to get drunk, get high, hit on as many women as possible and hire a stripper. Married guys. Single guys. Mature guys. Crazy guys. With these guys, it's a great and hilarious night out on the town!

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