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One Way or Another
42 min


Donna and Cameron have decided to expand the company by going into trading and buying online and are looking for capital venture investors to the tune of $1.4 million. Although Bos reiterates the fact that they only need one investor, they, despite knowing that they have a great idea, are getting a lukewarm reception from almost every potential investor to who they talk, including a surprise familiar face who Donna in particular hopes would have been more receptive. They wonder if the reason is the so-called white elephant in the room - namely that the pitch is being made by the company owners, two women - and have to decide how much they are willing to do to get that investment. Cameron unilaterally takes a measure she thinks will at least give them a second chance with one of those investors. While Gordon, searching for his next project, decides to help Ryan with the idea he pitched to Donna and Cameron, Ryan, without telling at Mutiny, takes active measures to impress the employer for who he truly wants to work. Gordon also gets a surprise offer for that next job.

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