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Valley of the Heart's Delight
43 min


It's been six months since Mutiny, focusing solely on community, has pulled up its Texas stakes and moved to San Francisco to be near the technological center of Silicon Valley, with what was supposed to be Cameron's temporary stay with the Clarks putting a strain on Gordon and Donna. Mutiny has hit some milestones in the process, but has to get their mainframe up and running to accommodate cost effectively the number of users. Ryan, one of their new, brighter bullpen staffers, has his own ideas of how the company should grow, with Donna and Cameron too focused on their own thoughts to pay him much attention beyond placating him with what they believe will keep him happy. Beyond suing Joe, Gordon realizes that he will have little to do at Mutiny once the mainframe issue is resolved, and as such he contemplates his future. On personal notes, the Clark children are still adjusting to their new environment, with certain aspects of living in California literally shaking them to their core. One of the issues Joanie is facing is a mutual dislike with a classmate named Jennifer, which has resulted in them getting into a physical fight and a parent meeting to resolve the problem. And Bos has become a grandfather for the first time. His outward happiness masks the reality of the situation.

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