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Bundle of Joy
30 min


After getting her tattoo, Cathy comes to the realization that she figuratively needs some place to put her emotional baggage. Although she isn't sure if it will be for her since it sounds a little too new ageist, Cathy talks Paul into going to a multi-day seminar at a resort over Valentine's led by Joy Kleinman, self coined as a "joyologist". A cancer survivor, Joy came to the realization that it was the negative aspects of her life that caused her cancer, and it was her change of focus to embracing joy that cured her. Paul agreed to go if only for the potential of hotel sex. Cathy and Paul end up having near opposite reactions to Joy's message and methods. But the one for who the seminar has been a total washout ends up with a cathartic moment, which in turn leads to a major revelation. Adam's focus for attending bible group changes when Jesse invites him to a Christian rock concert. And Sean tells Cathy of his new, very lucrative gay phone sex business, at which he finds he is very good.

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