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The 214s
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Members of the PC team are getting prepared to go to COMDEX in Las Vegas to sell "The Giant", which they see as the beginning of the end toward reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What Gordon is unaware of is that Joe's plan is for Joe to go by himself. What Joe and Gordon are also unaware of is that John, with Cameron's help, has gone to extraordinary measures to ensure that they do make it to COMDEX in light of the company's cash flow problems. In light of John's actions, the plans to go to COMDEX are placed into jeopardy. Gordon sees this change as an opportunity, of which he is able to convince Cameron. Joe has different thoughts based on information he learns about work being conducted at IBM. Through it all, Donna reviews her marriage critically, especially in light of Hunt's actions following their return from the business trip to Lubbock. Finding something that Gordon has hidden in the garage may factor into Donna's decision about what to do.

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