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And She Was
English, Spanish
43 min


There is open but unspoken tension between Donna and Cameron as Cameron lets Donna know using cryptic language but clear in its message that she knows Donna lied to her about Doug and Craig. That tension is increased when Diane lets them know that there is a lucrative offer to buy Mutiny, which also means another option is to go public. In deciding what to do about the sale but needing time away from each other, Donna decides to take Diane up on her offer to use her personal retreat as a weekend getaway by herself, while Cameron remains at home with Gordon and the girls. What Donna anticipates as time alone to clear her mind doesn't quite end up that way, with a specific incident only confirming what she already feels about her role in the partnership with Cameron. At home, Gordon and Cameron end up bonding over Super Mario Bros. (1985), that bond which may extend to other areas in their joint life, while Cameron also contemplates what to do about making public what happened between her and Tom back in Dallas. In Bos trying to get a little San Francisco culture into his life and Diane continuing to move on with her personal life post-divorce, they may further test what has been the sexual tension existing between them. Meanwhile, Joe and Ryan proceed with pitching their NSFNET to an old friend of Joe's, Mitch Clouden, in the hopes that one day in the near future it will have commercial applications, at which time they will already be on the front line. Beyond Mitch agreeing, Joe may find that there are other obstacles to his plan.

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