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The impending hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast, which will peripherally affect Dallas, matches the excitement at Cardiff Electric as the PC team seems to have achieved its goal of producing a portable PC that is smaller and faster than anything on the market. This excitement is tempered by an incident that shows Joe his pecking order in the company, and Cameron's vision for the project, which she sees as so much more than just another boring beige box as she refers to PCs. For Cameron's vision to be realized, she needs both Gordon's support in extra hardware requirements, and Joe's approval. While Joe ponders the idea, Gordon is less than willing to compromise what he already sees as a great product for Cameron's fanciful whims. With Donna's help, Gordon believes he has to do more than just talk to Joe to convince him his stand is correct. In the heat of the moment, Gordon promises Donna that he will go out to buy Joanie a present she wants, some new toy called a Cabbage Patch Kid, which may fall by the wayside in his own mind as he focuses on work. Incidents that happen during the storm associated with the hurricane give each of Joe, Gordon and Cameron some added perspective as to Cameron's idea. Through it all, Joe and Cameron try to come to some understanding not only of how their sexual encounters affect their working relationship, but also what those sexual encounters mean for their emotional selves.

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