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Joe ends up being correct about the meeting with IBM: as long as they all stick to the untrue story that Cardiff Electric had long worked on developing a PC clone, and that what has ended up being Cameron's job to develop the BIOS code does not involve Gordon or his discoveries about IBM's proprietary BIOS code, Cardiff Electric is just working within the boundaries of what is legal and there is nothing IBM can do about it. After that meeting, Joe outlines his vision for what he, Gordon and Cameron will be working on: a PC clone that is twice the speed and half the price of what IBM has on the market. Neither Gordon or Cameron share this vision, Gordon who believes in the standard marketing practice of offering the consumer something marginally better than the previous model at a slightly higher price, while Cameron sees the project as just another boring "beige box". Although Gordon sees this path as at least being bright to support his family, Cameron does not like what she's gotten herself into, as it does not match her vision, her working environment she finds stifling, and she can see that her role is short term in nature, they letting her go after she develops the code. Being a large company, IBM may have other cards to play up their sleeve, which could stop Joe, Gordon, Cameron and Cardiff Electric's party before it gets off the ground, that is unless Joe, the salesman, can sell those that matter that what they are doing is the panacea to Cardiff Electric's potential emerging problems.

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