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Flipping the Switch
English, French
41 min


The strain of living and working together start to show for Gordon, Donna and Cameron, especially as Gordon believes Donna has only asked him to attend regular executive meetings to make him feel included, demonstrating that the power in his and Donna's overall relationship rests with her. Donna carries the stress of that strain into a business lunch with Diane, while Gordon turns to an old friend to cope. Ryan's departure from the company leaves an obvious hole that needs to be filled. As Cameron's attempt to lure Ryan back doesn't work, she is tasked with looking for a new coder from among the students in a college computer class to which she will be giving a guest lecture. Cameron finds someone unexpected there. Ryan is feeling at a loss working for evasive Joe, who wants him to figure out exactly why he hired him without being told. Joe inviting him to a senior executive meeting a week into his employment may or may not answer the questions for Ryan. And Cameron and Donna delegate Bos to provide the offer to purchase Swap Meet, about which Diane quietly seethes feeling that Cameron and Donna themselves should be the ones to handle such an important task. Diane takes measures to ensure her $600,000 is handled properly by Bos, who ends up surprising her.

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