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Manacled Slim Wrists
42 min


Sarah and Mrs. S., now knowing what Rachel and her associates at Dyad are planning with Kira, are trying whatever they can for Kira not to return to the institute beyond coming out and saying to Rachel and her associates that they know the goings-on. Their attempts at keeping Kira from Dyad happen in conjunction with news from Art and Scott, who are visited by Krystal and her cosmetologist friend Brie, they believing that the cosmetics industry has poisoned Brie, whose hair is falling out. Beyond the superficial issues that Brie is facing which Scott discovers are rather benign beyond the temporary hair loss, Art and Scott believe Krystal's concerns do have some merit in relation to the Neolutionists, especially when they learn that Krystal's new friend, Leonard Sipp, the owner of the cosmetics company BluZone, has sold it to a subsidiary of Dyad. While Art and Sarah want to take the lead in dealing with Sipp, Krystal has her own thoughts and sensibilities on the issue. Meanwhile, Cosima is still being held captive on the island in Westmorland's basement laboratory. The one person with who she routinely has contact is Mud, who she hopes will help her not only escape but with dealing with what she knows about what Westmorland is doing with the children at Camp Revival, and in the cure for the Leda and Castor clones. In the process, Cosima learns of why Mud is so loyal to Westmorland, that information which Cosima may use to her advantage. Cosima is unaware that there are a few others in the house who are on her side. And Susan is reunited with someone from her past, that meeting which is bittersweet for Ira.

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