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Rules of Honorable Play
English, German
43 min


Cameron is having a hard time in her life. With Mutiny's acquisition of Swap Meet, Mutiny, under the contract, has had to hire who were Swap Meet's owners/developers, Doug Sheridan and Craig Bosch, the former in particular who she finds to be difficult if not impossible to work with. She is also getting increasing implied pressure from Gordon and Donna to find a place of her own to live. However, it is the work pressure in combination with hearing from a person from her past with some current news which makes her want to be with those that she loves now more than ever, and thus is making excuses for not moving. An unexpected connection to someone relatively new in her life may provide some emotional support during this trying time. Through Cameron's trials, Donna is the one who is left to deal with issues, especially when it comes to Diane, who wants to ensure that her money in acquiring Swap Meet was spent wisely and that Cameron and Donna, without micromanaging them, are doing what they need to do to make the venture a success. Diane uses these business issues to get to know who is often the forgotten Mutiny executive, namely Bos. Gordon, who acts as the primary liaison between the execs and the bullpen coders, is on the receiving end of an incident stemming from the increasing stress the coder are feeling. As such, Gordon takes measures to increase morale in the bullpen, all the while dealing quietly with what is his continually declining health. And Joe and Ryan brainstorm about how to make money in Joe's business, which is both exhilarating and frustrating for Ryan. An incident at a party hosted by Joe may lead to some business problems, with an issue of another kind emerging from the solution to that first problem.

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