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Close to the Metal
43 min


With a mid-project success with the BIOS code, Joe makes two bold moves within the office. First, he destroys the book that contains the IBM proprietary code, and second, he invites Wall Street Quarterly to do a story about their PC clone project. The story Joe wants written may not happen first because the reporter, Ron Kane, doesn't see what's happening as being newsworthy, and second as a crisis occurs in the office during Kane's visit, that crisis issue which may in turn be the story. As Joe tries to manage Kane, Gordon tries to manage the actual crisis issue by calling in an outside expert, that person who does not sit well with Joe. Cameron, who outwardly is most affected by the crisis issue, takes action to some news she learns during the crisis which may affect her already tenuous relationship with her co-workers, most specifically Gordon. Because of distractions in her life, Donna's work at TI suffers. The Cardiff Electric crisis and Donna's work issues affect the Clarks' personal life, these issues in combination which have the potential either to bring Donna and Gordon closer together or tear them apart. And wondering what happened to cause LouLu Lutherford not to return his telephone calls, Nathan expresses his concern to John about what looks like he is letting Joe take over the running of the company. While Joe makes one move which may prove that Nathan is correct, John, independently of Joe's move, makes one of his own.

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