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The Wall Street Quarterly article and Cameron being able to complete the BIOS code have created renewed public interest in the PC project, upon which Joe wants to capitalize, not only for the project but also for himself. Cameron is dismayed however to learn that Joe's suggested vacation for her was so that he could hire a software engineering team behind her back. She does find that there are like minded individuals among the team, but she isn't sure if she can work under her new boss, the overly bureaucratic Steve. Gordon believes he has a possible solution to the computer's weight issue and the contacts to achieve his plan, Gordon's initiative which irks Joe under the surface as he was not the one to initiate it. Regardless, Joe believes he needs to be involved in the meeting with Gordon and the Japanese manufacturers to discuss the issue, and later clean up the mess that Gordon creates at that meeting, which Joe feels has placed him once again as being in a position of being indispensable. After a few bumps in the road, Donna gets back into Hunt's good graces... perhaps a little too good. And Joe receives a surprise visit from his IBM executive father, Joe MacMillan Sr. Joe Jr. has to decide what to do about his father, who he really does not want to see. Joe Sr. does gain some insight about Joe Jr.'s current dealings from a few secondary sources regardless of if he gets to see his son.

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