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The outcome of Joe, Gordon, Cameron and Donna's trip to COMDEX is that all relationships are still in tact except for that between Cameron and the "company" and most specifically Joe, as she could not accept his decision to downgrade the operating system, regardless of that decision leading to the $40 million net profit deal with Computerland. Their split is despite Cameron believing she was in love with Joe, and Joe still being in love with Cameron. Joe begins to believe that Cameron may have been right after seeing the new generation Mac having that wow factor, which the Giant does not have. As such, he feels that down the road the Giant will not be seen as a major milestone in computer history. Regardless, Joe and Gordon are able to negotiate a lucrative deal with Nathan Cardiff as joint operations heads, despite Cardiff still not liking Joe and not being interested in the profit far exceeding what the company has experienced in the past. Gordon, however, begins to believe that he and Joe have different views as to the next steps with the Giant, which leads to Gordon, with Donna's help, coming up with a scheme to push Joe out, attacking what they believe is Joe's Achilles heel. Meanwhile, Cameron stumbles across what she hopes will be her first true legacy in the electronics business. And following their encounter with Hunt and Brian at COMDEX, Donna orchestrates her own demise at TI without a clear idea of what her professional future holds.

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