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Blue-Eyed Iris
27 min


Adam is not talking to his mother again since she caught him watching porn, which was bad enough, but what made it worse was that she continued to watch it with him and analyzed why it wasn't realistic from a female's point of view. Cathy realizes what she did with Adam was wrong, but she still wants to make sure that at age fourteen he is not yet having sex, and that when he does that he can both talk to her about anything in that vein and that he treat the girl properly. As she deals with this issue, she is beginning to see physical beauty around her, which includes blue iris flowers, her own body and how best to show it off, and the sexy new muralist at the school named Lenny. Meanwhile, Paul has sustained a rugby injury which has him sidelined, but not in the eyes of "rugby tart", Tina. And the building in which Sean is living is scheduled for demolition. The only way he figures he can save his makeshift home is to play the game by acting like one of the masses who has conformed to society. He gets an unexpected hand in looking the part.

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