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Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things
43 min


Sarah and Mrs. S are helping Ethan Duncan gather together his necessary materials to bring into Dyad as a bargaining chip. Despite this action, Sarah still does not fully trust Mrs. S. Mrs. S, however, learns some information, which she and Sarah decide to use as a means to orchestrate a showdown between Leekie and Rachel, one of the two who they cannot see but go down in the process. Cal discovers that he is being watched, and thus has to relocate himself and Kira. Through the process, he still tries to find out what Sarah is hiding while contemplating a future for his new family. At rehab, Alison decides to confide in Vic, which she quickly learns is a bad move as she overhears him speaking to Detective DeAngelis on the telephone. She will require some help from both Felix and Sarah to help her get out of this predicament, which could be a problem with the masses descending on the facility for family day. Through the mêlée, Alison learns the truth behind Donnie as her monitor. And Cosima learns a secret behind her current therapy, that revelation which places a wedge between her and Delphine.

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