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Everything That Rises Must Converge
30 min


In an effort to be supportive of Cathy's decision and to find out more about it, Dr. Todd accompanies Cathy to Canada for her bee sting therapy. As open as he tries to be, Dr. Todd just can't get around how quackish the whole therapy seems. After the treatment, Cathy too believes that the "Bee Man" is a lunatic, but is glad she made the decision to take a chance. As their trip progresses, many revelations about Dr. Todd's professional and personal life become known to Cathy, which explains why he seems so protective about Cathy and why he wanted to come on this trip. Before she left Minneapolis, Cathy found out that Adam is seeing a girl named Mia, who, if she is indeed his girlfriend, would be his first. Cathy takes an extreme but nonetheless effective measure to ensure that things go well for Mia and Adam's possible relationship, despite the less than helpful advice he receives from his Uncle Sean. And an incident between Marlene, Adam, and Paul makes Marlene take decisive action.

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