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With no money except the $11,000 they could get selling Joe's sports car, Joe, Gordon, Cameron and Donna drive to COMDEX in Las Vegas in the Clarks' station wagon. Despite the bad publicity that Cardiff Electric has received because of the embezzlement, they believe it is still publicity that will generate buzz about their sheer presence, let alone what they might have to offer. They just have to play the part that everything is still running smoothly, which means presenting a façade of corporate wealth. But they find that Cardiff Electric's frozen bank account has caused some problems in securing both their hotel suite and convention floor space. Being that they are in Las Vegas, they believe that they may be able to overcome issue after issue with a little smoke and mirrors. But one obstacle they face threatens their entire existence at COMDEX, one that will make them individually and collectively decide what is best for the here and now possibly at the sacrifice of certain relationships.

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