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High Plains Hardware
43 min


Despite IBM's raid on Cardiff Electric's clients, Joe has convinced those concerned, most specifically Gordon and Cameron, to continue with the PC project. The company is in a much weakened state because of the raid leading to staff layoffs, which an ill-equipped Gordon is responsible for issuing to the affected engineering staff, and the search for investors for the PC project. Joe and Bosworth have differing views on where those moneys can potentially come from. Gordon, with a much reduced staff, is working on the engineering issues Joe wants for the PC, namely that it now be portable and no heavier than 15 pounds. Gordon gets some help from an unexpected source, that help which has repercussions in that person's own professional life. Conversely, he faces a roadblock with another, that roadblock which he sees more clearly after a traffic incident. Cameron, basically living in her "office", is having a mental block in writing the BIOS code. She wanders around the Cardiff Electric offices she believes under the radar, but takes some measures to unblock her brain.

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