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The Last Thanksgiving
30 min


It's Thanksgiving, and Cathy and Paul are hosting their first ever Thanksgiving dinner with their new extended family, which includes not only Adam and Sean, but also Rebecca, Andrea, Mykail and if he accepts Lee, which he does. Cathy wants it to be a non-traditional meal in that besides the free-range, organic turkey Sean is in charge of getting, the rest of the meal will consist of whatever she feels like making, which includes a special dessert from Lee's childhood. The dinner has the potential to be marred in many ways, which includes Paul contemplating confronting Mykail about what he saw Mykail do at the store. But many of the dinner attendees truly do have something to be thankful for, which is for Cathy the fact that the drugs seem to be working, which she hesitates to tell Lee if only because the same has yet to happen for him. Some of those other thankful items will be truly more so if the reaction from a significant other matches. But some unexpected things happen over the course of the day, both good and bad.

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