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The Way In
60 min


Joe and Sara discuss what he should do about the job offered by her father, which he only found out after accepting it that it was a low level data entry job. Joe believes he has stumbled across an opportunity to reinvent his lucrative self in the process, which requires Jacob's approval to proceed. Joe and Sara decide to host their first Dallas dinner party to which they invite some surprised guests, who feel they can't decline if only out of sheer curiosity. Gordon too has stumbled on a short term task to keep him preoccupied, one that requires him to learn programming. That task is to help Donna and Mutiny figure out how many network users they have, and not just their paid subscribers, this information which will help Donna and Cameron when they talk to potential investors. Cameron finds that she has a love-hate relationship with Tom, in that he is knowledgeable about the leading edge of online gaming, but that his visions can be different than hers and that he is not hesitant to speak his mind bluntly, unlike the other coders. An incident occurs at Mutiny which threatens both the business in its entirety and Cameron and Donna's partnership, not only with Mutiny but in any future endeavors. And in wanting some of his old normalcy, Bosworth tries to reconnect with his family, his son James who is about to get married in Galveston. That reunion isn't all Bosworth wants it to be.

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