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Sexual Healing
30 min


Because of the way she's been feeling, Cathy and Paul haven't had sex in two months. Although Paul says he's OK with that, something he does says otherwise. Adam and Mia are becoming closer, although she is not ready to have sex with him yet. Like father like son, even though Adam says he's OK with that, something he does says otherwise. Rebecca and Sean are moving into a new but somewhat uncomfortable stage of their relationship. Rebecca, feeling unattractive as her pregnancy progresses, wants to feel like her old, attractive self, if only to please Sean. Sean, on the other hand, has been more focused since he has been taking his medication, that focus which manifests itself in what Rebecca sees as criticism toward her. If only they would talk to each other, they may figure out how to bridge their seeming gap. And Andrea's parents are moving to Ghana to do missionary work, that move which would kibosh many of Andrea's plans, especially for this her senior year and for college. As such, Cathy comes to an agreement with Andrea's family that she will move in with her and Paul. That transition has its ups and downs.

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