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Divine Intervention
30 min


Cathy's relationships with three people are on the outs. Following his decision to divorce Cathy, Paul turns to rugby tramp Tina for solace. Cathy has decided not to rekindle her friendship with Rebecca, due to Cathy believing that she has always put her sexual quest for men a priority over their friendship. It doesn't help that Sean is the latest in that long line of men. And Andrea drops out of Cathy's class, which Cathy learns is due in large part to knowing about her affair with Lenny, and Andrea's own attraction to him. Of those three relationships, Cathy tries to mend the one with Andrea by helping her with her drug addicted mother, who has long been widowed when her husband was killed while he was committing a robbery. As Cathy finds out more abut Andrea's life, Cathy turns to God, with a little advice from Marlene, to get through not only to Andrea, but Rebecca and Paul as well.

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