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Mutiny is holding its first ever appreciation picnic for its staff and customers. Beyond not liking being the center of public gatherings, Cameron avoids the picnic for another reason, as throughout the day she and Tom deal with some business and personal issues. Bosworth receives an unexpected but welcome visitor at the picnic, while Donna basks in what she sees as the success of Community with the number of customers who come to Mutiny solely for that function. Running around with all his nervous energy at the number of orders for customized PCs, Gordon, based on some incidents, becomes unfocused in his life, which leads to paranoia exacerbated by Stan's visit from California. Following his and Sara's elopement and decision to move to California, Joe wants to feel like he has left a legacy at Westgroup, which is making it more difficult for him to let go, especially as he only gets standardized platitudes from Jacob, who quickly replaces his position. The replacement, Jessie Evans, in turn, doesn't seem to want any transition period between himself and Joe. Following a goodbye to Dallas night on the town with Sara, Joe will discover why.

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