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Thin Ice
30 min


Following Paul's heart attack and temporary passing to the other side, he is now at home recuperating with a new ICD, which is seemingly more complicated than he or Cathy would like. The one benefit of Paul having his heart attack at the insurance company's Christmas party is that they have reinstated the Jamison's medical insurance. With both Paul and Cathy now facing health issues, they decide that they have to make arrangements for a guardian for Adam just in case, who regardless is showing signs that he is growing up. Sean is still mourning the loss of his and Rebecca's relationship in more ways than one. Back on his meds and thus thinking more clearly, Sean believes he needs to get a job to live in Marlene's house over the winter. Andrea has just returned from her trip to Africa, sporting a new name, a new look and a new appreciation for life and her African roots. Her spirituality makes Adam wonder about God. But what Andrea is trying to lose, but has troubles in doing so, is her wedding dress. Meanwhile, Cathy receives the latest news about how she is doing in the drug trial. And needing an escape, Cathy has found a bar close to the hospital as a refuge, where she is using an assumed name and an assumed life to the bar regulars.

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