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A Little Death
30 min


Rebecca and Sean both have less than traditional ways to deal with Rebecca's miscarriage. Partly because Sean decides to go off his meds so that he can feel the true pain associated with it, Sean and Rebecca's methods of mourning end up being somewhat incompatible. Something that Rebecca and Sean do in combination about the miscarriage directly affects Cathy. In addition, it also makes Cathy realize that she has been so busy dealing with the life part of her illness that she totally forgot about the death part, namely making arrangements for what will happen to her body post-mortem. Meanwhile, Adam has joined an on-line support group called Kids of Cancer. After several on-line discussions with fellow kid of cancer "Poppy K", he suggests they meet to which Poppy wholeheartedly agrees. Poppy ends up being nothing like Adam imagined, which may not be a totally bad thing. And even though Paul asked for a part of the cut Mykail gets from lifting and selling items from the store, he begins to feel more uncomfortable about it when he sees the extent of Mykail's thefts.

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