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John has been kidnapped by Jadalla and Naseri, and in contact with Rebecca, they threaten to kill him unless she gives into their demand of what they truly want to happen. In the process, Jadalla learns the true nature of Naseri's relationship to his father, and why he was not told this information beforehand. Rebecca has to decide what to do about the demand and who she will tell and co-opt. The one person she does tell is Henry, who she hopes will now give up whatever information he knows in light of his son being the hands of terrorists. The team also hopes to get any information out of Jennifer Marshall that they can, they working on the premise that she may have seen or overheard something when she was being held captive. During this time, Nicole, at CTU headquarters with Isaac, wants to speak to Eric about information she found at the house, which may factor into their lives as a couple.

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