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Snake Eyes
42 min


Early on a Sunday morning, a just woken up and extremely hung over Garcia is lamenting the fact of the huge argument she and Kevin had the previous night. Not one to face confrontation head on, she is not looking forward to her first post-fight talk with Kevin, which will happen sooner than later as she can hear that he will soon be finished his shower. That talk will be complicated by the person knocking on her front door. Meanwhile, the team is called to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Danny Savino, a casino floor manager, was found dead in his office by a severe beating. He had turned the surveillance video in his office off, so there is no video of the unsub. The reason the BAU is called is that Savino has deep ties to the mob, and that eight $1 bills were found scattered around an "eight" playing card on his body, which indicates some sort of ritual to the killing. On looking into Savino's background, the BAU learns that he acted as a loan shark to casino patrons on the side, meaning that one of the several thousand people who have gambled in the casino are potential suspects. As more and more victims emerge, the team recognizes that the killings are related to some system the unsub feels is required in his gambling addiction, which narrows the search geographically to a high stakes poker game at a high end exclusive casino. It isn't until Rossi discovers the one victim that doesn't fit the rest that they discover who the unsub is and where he is headed.

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